Behavioural Issues

£595 - Behavioural Course of 4.5 Hours
£120 - Further 1hr Sessions if required

Changing any animal's behaviour is not a task you should undertake lightly. It takes time and dedication. Therefore, behavioural work with Oli will require a minimum booking of 4.5 hours which includes a 1.5 hour Assessment Session, and 3 further 1 hour sessions (one of these sessions could be via Skype should the case allow it).

Also included in this package:

  • Unlimited phone availability between 8am & 8pm daily.
  • The guarantee of a professional and friendly service.
  • The guarantee that we will only be using modern, kind, fair & effective methods. 
  • A individual report/programme. 
  • Plus no additional VAT

Have you already got a dog that has picked up bad habits or could do with some guidance?
Oli can assist you with tackling issues such as:

Separation related issues
Dog to Dog interaction issues
Aggression towards dogs
Aggression towards humans
Lead Reactivity

Excessive Chewing & Biting
Jumping up Issues
House Training Issues

General Knowledge of Dog Behaviour
Excessive barking and many more...

Oli Trains & Consults from Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm (5pm during BST). 
View Oli's Booking & Training Policy here

Or maybe you're looking for...

"Oli has helped me with my puppy Florrie incredibly over the past two weeks. 
Florrie was a nervous Cocker Spaniel puppy of nine months. Florrie was scared of men she didn’t know and children; and was acting aggressively towards them, mainly barking. The barking and cowering away, worried me slightly, and I knew I needed some training in order to hep her become more confident, and prevent this from becoming a long term problem. 
Oli gave us some interesting, fun activities, and strategies to follow in order to create a happier Florrie, and so a happier me! In the whole it helped Florrie and I understand each other better, and I am so pleased with the results. 
After two weeks, Florrie is already more content; and more confident and friendly when meeting new men. We still have a long way to go, but every minute is so exiting because we are having so much fun together. When I look at how much Florrie has learnt over the last few weeks, there is no better feeling! 
I find our sessions very interesting, fun and rewarding. I can't wait to see what Oli has in store for us next."

Hollie - London, W14