Why you need an office dog! (Or how to flirt with the Fit FedEx Guy or colleague at the water fountain )

A study from Virginia Commonwealth University shows that employees who were around dogs at work reported feeling less stressed than employees who do have dogs but leave them at home. That same study also found that dogs triggered workplace interaction that would not normally take place.

Amongst many things, having a dog at the office will:
·      Decrease stress level
·      Increase moral
·      Boost the team’s energy level
·      Reduce absenteeism
·      Bring some comic value, and petting therapy
·      Improve the work/live balance of the whole team


Dogs are great at networking. All dog owners know about the power of The Dog Walk! Within a few minutes out with your best friend people you would usually never talk to will approach you to say Hi and pet your dog. The same will happen at the office, you will inevitably start conversations with colleagues who just really want to come and pet your buddy. A study, this time from Central Michigan University shows that dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between colleagues. And we all need a bit more trust and kindness, don’t we? Also let's not forget about the opportunity to flirt with the Fit FedEx Guy, or the girl on the other side of the office floor. 

You might think: “yes that’s all very nice in principle, but who does it?” Well let’s have a look, which companies allow dogs into their offices? You might have heard of companies such as Google, Tatler, Airbnb, Ben & Jerry’s, Amazon (their Headquarters in Seattle), Firebox, Next Model Management, and many more. They all rave about the advantages to be pet friendly offices.


In terms of training, you might want to make sure your dog’s Recall is perfect; that Sit, Stay and Down are mastered; and of course a good Leave is essential, you do not want Fido to start munching on your boss' Manolo Chaos Sandal, or Bottega Veneta Boat Shoe.

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