Ep 5 - Vet In The City, Your Dog's First Year

In this Episode I welcome the wonderful Vet Ciara. Ciara is part of the team at Bruce Fogle’s Vet Practice in Central London, but she also runs Vet In The City. In this episode we go over the care your puppies will need on arrival and over their first year with you. It’s daunting to look after a small defenceless creature, so it’s so useful to be aware well ahead of time of what you and your puppy will need to go through. Ciara gives us some brilliant tips and advice. We talk vaccination, diet, dental care, grooming, the mistakes not to make and the tips to get the best out of your visit at the vet.

Ep 4 - Sarah Whitehead, Difference Between Wolves & Dogs

Sarah is especially well known for helping dogs with aggression. We’ll discuss many things during this episode, including how science and Love Island can now help us understand the best way to approach dog behaviour and training.  We’ll discuss why humans are generally very good a concentrating on the negatives. Yet also brilliant at ignoring all the good stuff, and how this impacts our views of dog training. Sarah will also tell us why our puppies’ behaviour at only 15 weeks, could help forge their entire character in the future.   

Ep 3 - Caroline Yates, CEO of Mayhew

This week’s guest is the inspirational Caroline Yates, CEO of the charity Mayhew. Caroline will tell us how she went from working in the metal trading industry in Russia to becoming the CEO of one of the most innovative animal welfare charities in the world. After a war and years of conflict, Mayhew’s team are helping the government control and vaccinate the dog population in Kabul, Afghanistan. What will be the unexpected side effects of their hard work?

Ep 2 - Dr Marvin Firth, Pain Management In Dogs

Veterinary Surgeon, Chiropractor and Acupuncturists are only but a few of the things Dr Marvin J.Firth, BVSc (Hons.), MRCVS does. So I was so happy to catch him between two flights. This week’s guest’s expertise in pain management is second to none. I ask Marvin how we can recognise that our dogs are suffering from physical pain, and he tells us how we should still expect our older dogs to live a full life. He’ll also tell you what dogs, my mum and some old dinosaurs all have in common.

Ep 1 - Beverley Knight, MBE, From Fear To Rescue

This week’s guest is the marvellous Beverley Knight, MBE, singer with 8 studio albums under her belt; she also shines brightly in the West-End. She’ll take us through her journey from being scared of dogs, to becoming an accomplished dog owner. Zain, her rescue dog has helped her look at life in a different way and she’ll tell us how her dog makes her feel truly at home, and of course that “wardrobe malfunction” involving Zain himself.