What Oli's clients are saying...


"I was told by SO many people that getting an Airedale would be a big mistake as they are impossible to train. Then I met Oli. And now I have not only the cutest Airedale in town, but one who is trained beautifully. Thanks Oli. You’re a star.

Love Mary, Wilco and all the fam x "

Mary Portas - London


"Oli is a people person as much as a canine one, Bacon absolutely adored him and was eager to learn the vast amounts of experience Oli has to offer and just as importantly for me - Oli was able to engage and teach me effectively so I had the confidence to continue Bacon's training on my own. Additionally Oli offered great support when I found myself in a slight panic about Bacon's change in behaviour after a few nights away from home - even though it was late Oli responded straight away with advice and kind words to support me, which I can't tell you how much I appreciated. 
You won't regret having Oli show you and your canine partner the ropes for whatever your training needs are."

Stacey - London SW4

"Thank you so so much Oli.  You have been invaluable in helping Teddy seem less scared of the world.  Teds is such a kind and gentle soul but after all of his many Vet visits, surgeries and subsequent amputation he understandably became scared & stressed by so many things.  It felt quite confronting and hard to see that our beloved dog wasn’t happy.  Following a pretty traumatic first year of life for him, I was feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how I was going to help him get back to being the cuddly, happy and silly pug that he is.  It is because of you Oli, helping me to see in an honest and thought-provoking way how my behaviour affects Teddy, that I now feel so much more confident, happy and sure of what I’m doing.  And the best part of it is, Teddy is reaping the rewards.  He is much calmer, less stressed and we feel so much more aware of why these behaviours are happening.  We can now easily take him out and about and he settles straight away.  And going forward, I feel I have a plan of how to continue to identify and manage behaviours, which I honestly never thought I’d reach that point.  Even my husband who isn’t a dog person has loved all the education and information and feels so much more confident with Teddy.  So you really are a miracle worker;)!
I couldn’t recommend you more highly Oli and am just so thankful of how much you have helped Teddy.  He sends his thanks in licks!"

Louisa - London SW9


Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 08.54.28.png

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oli Juste you are amazing! My adorable dog Teddy, stopped eating out of his bowl. He would just bark and bark at his food/bowl, and was almost scared to get close to it, even when he was hungry. So, I called Oli....After a few months of persistence, guidance, regular calls, texts, and also changing Teddy's food to really good pure food. Teddy was cured. Every now and then there is still a bark, but nothing compared to what it was like before. Oli you are truly fab! It's not just a job for you. You really care. xxxx Cara and Teddy"

Cara - London

"Oli is not an optional extra when you embark on the adventure that is a new puppy - he is a necessity!! We could not have helped Sandy settle in so quickly or got her to fit into our busy lives without Oli's discipline (for us as well as puppy!), his good tips and his invaluable advice. He is the best! In fact we have booked supplementary sessions too!!! "

Andrea - London TW9




"Having Oli working with us to train and settle our dog has been the most helpful thing we could have done! Our puppy is sweet and cuddly, but very excitable and definitely liked to test boundaries.
Oli's strategies and helpful guidance was worked wonders for the family dynamics, the routines we set in place with Oli have made all the difference in ensuring that we have a smooth and happy household as opposed to a chaotic and unpredictable one. We all know what is expected and what to do with Atticus and he knows what is expected of him, thanks to the dedication, and perseverance demonstrated by Oli.
Oli is charismatic, respectful of your wishes, listens well and offers insightful ideas. We feel ever so grateful to have found Oli and continue to use him for tips and support as our puppy grows and develops. No question is ever too much for Oli- we have relied heavily on Oli's training techniques right from day one and highly recommend using him for any puppy needs you might have! 
Thanks Oli- you're a star. "

Paras & Ramita - London N10

"Thanks so much for all your work with Duke. Even after just one session he is much better behaved and the specific points and teaching you have given us have really helped. Your approach was very hands on with frequent communication in between sessions. Lovely to meet you and thanks for all your help"

Lindsey - London SE1

Vanessa and Flint.JPG

" I met Oli a few weeks before I was due to pick my puppy up, I had no previous experience.  Oli navigated me through the checklist of what I needed to purchase and took me through the first few days, what to expect and how to handle flints separation anxiety, initial settling, toilet training, food, this period of advice and support was invaluable.
To have Oli on the end of the phone and text was fantastic during this first week and beyond. Then Flint and I met Oli when Flint was 11 weeks old and we met weekly over the next month.  Flint has gone from strength to strength, now 19 weeks and such a joy to be with.
Oli helped me understand how it is from flints perspective; opened a window into the dogs world, it is Oli's passion, knowledge and love of all things dog that sets him apart and makes him the valuable and unique expert to any dog owner and dog.
Thank you Oli! "

Vanessa - London W1

"When my partner, Keith and I decided we were going to get a Rottweiler puppy we were both rather anxious. Unlike me, Keith had never owned a dog before and was concerned about making sure the puppy was trained correctly.  My concerns were because we had just finished a two-year renovation of our home, and I didn’t relish the thought of a puppy wrecking it!
As it turns out neither of us had anything to worry about. Oli has been absolutely amazing and I am so happy that we contacted him.
After a brief conversation with him, we decided to go for the ‘pre-pup pack deluxe’. In the two-hour session prior to the puppy’s arrival Oli talked through everything we needed to know about getting the puppy home and our first few days together so that Keith and I felt confident and well prepared for the task ahead. Bobbie’s arrival (including the six hour journey home after picking her up) was completely stress free and by following the advice we had been given we were both amazed at the speed at which she became comfortable with her new family and home.
Over the following weeks Oli has worked with us and given us the knowledge and ability so that Bobbie is growing up to be a well behaved, confident and loving puppy. If we ever needed advice we knew we could always call him and the support he gives has made this experience amazing.
I would recommend to anyone who is getting a puppy (even if you have owned dogs before) that if they want to give their new arrival the best start they possibly can, then they should arrange to see Oli. Keith, Bobbie and I cannot thank him enough and we will forever be grateful. "

Jeremy & Keith - London N1


"Oli came to visit us at home because our wonderful one year old female black labrador, Iona, my husband and I needed help. 
Iona is a very affectionate and clever girl but we became worried about her increasing anxiousness around children. She would also bark excessively and sometimes aggressively at visitors coming into the house. We agreed to meet with Oli for a Behavioural Course over three sessions. We understood and applied his professional guidance in between sessions, and stayed in touch throughout the whole process. 
Iona is now able to cope with children of all ages calmly and sensibly; and we have learned to give her space when she asks for it. 
We can now also welcome new friends at home, and help Iona to settle after a short acceptable welcoming bark. 
Thanks to Oli we learnt to respect Iona’s personality, to understand what she is trying to tell us using her behaviour and body language.  Therefore we can love her and care for her better now. 
Oli is a caring, highly competent and extremely kind professional who patiently and warmly will help you work out how to better understand and love your dog."

Marta & Robin - London SW19

"We are so glad we found Oli early on.  Italian Greyhounds aren't always the easiest to train but we have had no problems having had support and advice from Oli.  Sebastian was sitting on command by the end of the first session! We have now mastered recall, lead walking, down, stay, leave etc and the progress continues...in all honestly, it has been more about training us than training Seb!
It's also been great to understand more about the science behind Oli's approach.  The sessions are fun, informative and it's always nice to catch up with Oli. We would happily recommend Oli to any new owners - we couldn't have done it without him!"

Tom & Bee - London E3

Sebastien .png

"My rescue dog Mr Dinx came to me from the streets of Romania a pretty well behaved dog at just over a year old. I quickly realised that the few things I wanted to work on with him were not really just about him, but how I was interacting with him. I wanted to know more about a dogs 'language' lets say, and when I first met Oli I knew he was going to help me massively. Oli taught me that training Mr Dinx was as much about focus, patience and calmness on my side as well as my dogs. After just one session Dinx was responding amazingly. The homework Oli gave us helped us grow closer every day and sometimes I feel that what Oli has taught us is like a little bit of magic. I have no idea how some of it works, but if you follow his word, it does! The biggest result so far is Dinx's recall when chasing squirrels. I could never get him back, but now? One call and he's flying back to me! Oli is so warm and approachable and is always there on the other end of the line to answer questions and help with anything I'm unsure of. I have recommended him to many of my friends not just because his training works, but also because his sessions are so much fun! I can't recommend him highly enough, whatever you and your dogs needs are."

Ania - London WC1

"Oli has been a real find - we opted for the full puppy package and I am delighted that we did. 
Oli spent time with me before Billy arrived and then visited us on Billy’s third day home when he was just 9 weeks so that all the family learnt to train him consistently. With Oli’s support and advice Billy has had no problems settling in the night time routine was established in just a few days. 
As Billy has grown up into a gorgeous five month old pup Oli has helped me with a very strong chap to lead train him - and with the help of the clicker and some chicken we are making real headway - also worth mentioning that when Billy had a short session with Oli he transformed momentarily into a beautifully trained gun dog!
Thank you Oli for all your help. Billy and I look forward to seeing you soon."

Harry - London W6



"My husband and I had wanted a bulldog puppy for a very long time and finally the time was right to welcome one into our family, we had so much love to give - that's all we needed right?
When Hendricks bounced into our lives we all just clicked and had so much fun. However very quickly we realised that getting the basics of going to the loo outside, walking on the lead and generally being the well mannered dog we would be proud to show off takes a lots more hard word and consistency than either of us had anticipated.
I firstly had a telephone interview with Oli which automatically put me at ease. His manner and knowledge were very natural as he had so much experience. 
Oli first came to our home when Hendricks had been with us for about a month. Oli was very thorough in gaining lots of information about Hendricks and us as a family. We covered all the basics and were amazed at how quickly Hendricks responded to Oli. By the end of the first session we had a puppy who could sit, follow me on command and happily go in and out of his crate. We felt confident in using clicker training and had lots of homework to practice! 
In the time between sessions we practiced what we had learned in the first session. I always felt if I had any questions come up I could contact Oli and he would take the time to answer.
As Hendricks grew he became rather stubborn at not wanting to go outside, walking past the front door was a real struggle as he would just sit down and he began using the lounge as his bathroom. Oli was able to teach us methods to cure all of these issues quickly and effectively.
The last session we had together was able to cover my latest queries such as teaching Hendricks to walk on one side of me rather than tripping me up! Managing his new found excited bite, learning techniques to avoid inappropriate barking. By the end of the session I felt confident in practicing target training and using the clicker in new ways now to teach Hendricks to lay down and stay.
We will continue to see Oli once per month to keep on top of any new issues that arise and use the sessions to build on our training techniques.
Thanks to Oli for enabling us to be the best parents to Hendricks that we can be. Hendricks is a very happy, sociable, friendly and well mannered dog - we are forever grateful for the help Oli has given us.
We would highly recommend Oli to any of our friends who are getting a puppy or indeed have an older dog that needs training."

Beth & Ben - London E1

"Oli has helped me with my puppy Florrie incredibly over the past two weeks. 
Florrie was a nervous Cocker Spaniel puppy of nine months. Florrie was scared of men she didn’t know and children; and was acting aggressively towards them, mainly barking. The barking and cowering away, worried me slightly, and I knew I needed some training in order to hep her become more confident, and prevent this from becoming a long term problem.
Oli gave us some interesting, fun activities, and strategies to follow in order to create a happier Florrie, and so a happier me! In the whole it helped Florrie and I understand each other better, and I am so pleased with the results.
After two weeks, Florrie is already more content; and more confident and friendly when meeting new men. We still have a long way to go, but every minute is so exiting because we are having so much fun together. When I look at how much Florrie has learnt over the last few weeks, there is no better feeling! I find our sessions very interesting, fun and rewarding. I can't wait to see what Oli has in store for us next."

Hollie- London, W14



"I was just looking over the changes I have seen in Marley since last year, always good to revaluate at the start of the year. It made me realise how much you have impacted his and our lives during the last couple of months.
Firstly you, over the phone, helped me make the decision whether or not to have him “done” and it really has helped a lot as he is much calmer with other dogs. You have also helped me during our park walks learn more about his and other dogs signals and this helps me to walk away if the chemistry is not right before play becomes too rough.
I also have realised how much I enjoy having him walk on a loose leash and he is already getting a good understanding of walking to heel. Lastly his recall continues to be 99 out of 100. I learnt from you to always keep the recall voice positive and welcoming and it really helps."

Yaena - London, SW4

"Scout is my rescue dog from Cyprus, about one year old, and when I got her she did not have any particular problems, but was very submissive, not house trained and did not even know how to play.
After only two sessions with Oli, me, my daughters and Scout grew even closer, learning how to interact more clearly and teaching her new tricks. She loves her clicker-training and already knows "sit", "down" and "roll over". Getting a good hang of the concept of not peeing on the carpet as well, through Oli's smart instructions!
Meeting with Oli and learning more about her signals and body language also made me more confident as her human. She is now roaming free in the park, good at recall and playing with other dogs. She seems very happy and confident.
Oli uses sympathetic techniques, no punishment, just positive training with loving respect for the dogs. Could not recommend him more."

Rebecka - London, E8

"My wife and I have an 11 week old Japanese Shiba Inu named Kaito, a breed notorious for being difficult to train! We had him for a couple of weeks before deciding to call in Oli for his 'Puppy - Need to Know' training programme.
When Oli arrived he was very friendly and Kaito took to him immediately. In fact, I've not seen Kaito as excited to meet any of our guests. Oli's training technique is intuitive, educational and fun. The time Oli spent with us flew by. In just a few hours we covered everything from basic commands to nutrition, but Oli was always conscious not to be over whelming and drown us with information.
After Oli left, I took Kaito to our garden and let him off the lead for the first time. He loved it. I tried doing a bit of recall and he responded and came running at me every time, no matter what he had his nose in or what distance there was between us. I can honestly say that would have never happened without Oli's advice.
I cannot recommend Oli enough and we are definitely going to book his 'Catch Up' Programme in a few weeks."

Steven - London, E16

“Oscar our 12 week old Labrador retriever had normal puppy issues with play biting, jumping up and chewing everything in the flat. Although we tried teaching Oscar basic training, it was slow with limited success and had become a bit of a problem living in Camden, a built up area that’s swamped at weekends.
We found Oli via Facebook, invited him round to meet us and found Oscar took to him instantly. Within the space of just two short sessions Oscar is now much better around people (a relief as many friends have young children) and is reacting to our commands.
Oli is a very clear precise trainer with an excellent knowledge, from the really cute tricks through to the important stuff. We’ve continued his training techniques, which not only are we enjoying, but are finding Oscar is getting so much from as well” 

Nick & Michael - London, NW1


"Before we met Oli we were struggling with our puppy. The classes we had started weren't working for us, leaving us feeling frustrated and disheartened. Oli gave us valuable insight into our puppy's behaviour and left us feeling reassured and confident about training. He was friendly, approachable and extremely knowledgeable, he had even done his own research into the specifics of our dog's breed. We cannot recommend him highly enough."

Ali & Jamie- London, SE5

"We had no idea where to start with our Golden Retriever puppy so having Oli's help was the perfect start with our new family member.
We chose the 'Pre-Puppy Pack' so spent time with Oli preparing for our puppy's arrival. He recommended using a crate and a pen in the kitchen which has proved invaluable with two young kids to contend with - for all of our sakes!
Oli then visited the day after we got her to go through toilet training and basic commands. Having someone on hand who understands how a dog behaves has been amazing. Oli has made us see things from a different perspective and so far everything is going really well with our gorgeous puppy."

Kate & Wes - Warwickshire, CV21

"We are truly thrilled and impressed with the bespoke training Oli has given our gorgeous new puppy and us, in raising a happy and healthy dog. Bertie is our first puppy and therefore we felt we needed some guidance and reassurance in the early stages of training him to ensure we put the right actions into place now. Oli's approach was very personable and we felt he catered to our unique circumstances with our home environment, people around Bertie, and his interaction with our children. We are on our way now with Bertie and will be keeping in contact with Oli as new circumstances arise. I would highly recommend Oli to you as your dog trainer, whether you have a new puppy, or an older dog with habits or traits you want to change.  His advise is clear, concise and did the trick!"

Micmac - London, SW9

"Our new puppy, Scooter, was an 8 week old Golden doodle when we first met Oli Juste.
Our previous dog was a Bernese mountain dog who we also had from a puppy.  We thought hard about investing in a professional dog trainer as we felt we sort of knew what to do.
However we were surprised to discover there is a whole lot more to know and understand about a young dog and early training in the first 3 - 4 months can only help to produce one that is welcome in everyones’ homes, not just yours.
Oli is knowledgeable, thorough and explains the methods he uses very clearly. He follows the session up with notes, which help hugely after he has gone and inevitably not everything said has sunk in.
I definitely recommend talking to Oli about your new puppy.  We had two afternoons with him. There is a lot to understand, implement and stick at from these sessions but the result forms the basis of behaviour for the rest of his/her life and should make for a very happy time for all concerned."

Wizzo & Alex - London E11

"When I was finally persuaded by my daughter to take on the awesome responsibility of a puppy I felt somewhat overwhelmed by waves of emotion and slight terror about "doing it wrong".
It was not too different to how I felt when I first held my daughter only this time I was taking on a different species. I had no idea how to properly communicate with the delightful little canine we named Lottie until we had the great fortune to meet Oli Juste. Oli knows how to talk to dogs and he is an excellent communicator with humans. With his help, support and encouragement I am in the process of becoming the proud and happy owner of a well behaved pet. It could have turned out so differently. I would highly recommend Oli as a trainer to anyone who wants to own a happy, calm and sociable dog."

Lowenna - London, SE17

"Oli has been working with Shoreditch House on a variety of engaging, interactive classes for our members.
Oli hosts two kinds of workshop. The first is for those looking to own a puppy and runs through a best - practice checklist for new owners. The Second set of sessions works with puppies in small groups, working with owners and their pets on behaviours and socialising.
Without a doubt Oli has been a fantastic help to our members and their pooches, He has a unique manner and is extremely knowledgable. Each class is managed with a true passion for the training process - Highly, Highly recommend. 5 stars."

Jade Coles - Events Programme Manager, 
Members Events.