Keeping Your Canine Fit

Why keeping fit is just as important for your canine companion.

We all know that we should keep on top of our fitness regimes to reap the many health and wellbeing benefits of exercise, but did you know that there are just as many perks for your pet pooch?  

Not only do regular walkies help with weight control and socialisation, but exercising your dog also offers a plethora of behavioural rewards, like building trust and preventing destructive and attention-seeking tendencies.

Want to branch out a bit and try some more creative canine activities? Intrigued by the sound of Dog Diving or Treibball? Sainsbury’s Bank has created this handy visual guide to inspire and encourage dog owners and their four-legged friends to get active. I know our Bernard would love a bit of Flyball, are there any your dog would love or already does?

So thank you to Sainsbury's Bank for this great infographic and please do let us know if you try and of them.

If you need any help with Loose Lead walking, indoor and outdoor games and training ideas to mentally and physically exercise your dog then please do Get in Touch


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