Keeping Your Canine Fit

Why keeping fit is just as important for your canine companion.
We all know that we should keep on top of our fitness regimes to reap the many health and wellbeing benefits of exercise, but did you know that there are just as many perks for your pet pooch?  
Not only do regular walkies help with weight control and socialisation, but exercising your dog also offers a plethora of behavioural rewards, like building trust and preventing destructive and attention-seeking tendencies.

Want to branch out a bit and try some more creative canine activities?...

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Kong Niçoise

One of our lovely clients has been at it again with a wonderful Kong recipe for the summer months. Take it away Jeremy: 

Out of all the seasons summer is the one I love the most. On a sunny day nothing beats getting a gaggle of friends together (both two and four legged) for some al fresco dining. Bobbie, my Rottweiler puppy, has been enjoying some summer food and I wanted to share with you one of her favourite recipes....

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Dogs + Easter Weekend = Walkies

Easter Weekend is a wonderful time to spend some quality moments with your family and friends, but when planning your weekend why not include your furry friend. Go for a walk in your nearest dog friendly park, chose a pub where dogs are welcome and and take some extra time for a good play of fetch or tug of war, maybe that could be their...

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4 of my favourite Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops in South London

Machine is not a coffee shop (well that’s a good start), It's a coffee shop and a bike shop. Now, I agree this is not a new concept (Look Mum No Hands opened in 2010 and a few others since), but this coffee/bike-repair/anything-bike-related shop is one of my favourite spots to grab a coffee on-the-go or to stay...

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5 Central London Dog-Friendly Shops

Sometimes it feels like london isn't such a dog friendly city, especially when it comes to doing everyday things such as shopping, but here are a few shops that welcome our best friends as long as they are on their best behaviour, and why wouldn't they be?! Over time I'll let you know about other dog friendly places but here are 5 to start us off...

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Remember remember the 5th Of November (is coming up soon)

I know it’s still only September, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you can help your dog if he is scared of fireworks.

The Do’s:
Allow your dog to find a safe space around your home, if your dog is happy in his crate, that’s a good place to start. If it’s under the sofa, so be it. Dogs like small spaces. Make sure...

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Hollywood & Dogs

Uggie from the wonderful 2011 Black & White, silent movie The Artist died early August. This was very sad news indeed, but it made me want to have another look at some old pictures of Hollywood stars and their dogs from as early as 1916 to the 20s, 30s and up to the 60’s. I have, on one of my shelves at home, a wonderful book called Hollywood Dogs; here are a few...

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