What wouldn’t we do for our dogs?!


We care for them, play with them, feed them the best food we can afford, train them, hug them, make them feel safe, take them to the vet when they are poorly. We have dog-sitters, dog-walkers, dog trainers; the list goes on.

Some dogs are lucky enough to never be left on their own, however some owners have no choice but to  sometimes leave their dogs home alone. My advice would be to keep these periods as short as possible, and get help from a reputable dog-day-care, a dog-walker or a dog-sitter should you have to leave your dog alone for too long. 

I will soon be writing a few posts about separation anxiety, and the stress some dogs are under when left on their own. However in this week’s post I want you to think about what would happen to your dog (home alone or even with carers) should something happen to you at work, at the gym or simply when out shopping and that you had to be taken away to be cared for.  

It’s a scary thought, but it’s worth being ready for it.

To make sure you and your dogs are covered we’ve designed our K9 Next Of Kin Card.


K9 Next Of Kin Card


Simply add the details of a trustee neigbour, your dog-walker or usual Doggy-Day-Care, and/or a friend who has your home keys.

Then put the card in your wallet, with the red top line visible, and add the Key Tag to your key ring. This way the emergency services will be able to contact your dog’s Next Of Kin, and he or she can be looked after while you are concentrating on getting better.

Order your card from our website today, and make sure your dog is looked after should you have to be looked after. 

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