In just over a week, June 24th sees 'Bring Your Dog To Work' Day return. Hooray!

#BringYourDogToWorkDay is an annual nationwide event that raises money for charities dedicated to making a difference to the welfare of dogs.

Last year, businesses from across the UK (including vet surgeries, pet product manufacturers, investment firms, national energy companies, estate agents, private jet charters and...

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4 of my favourite Dog-Friendly Coffee Shops in South London

Machine is not a coffee shop (well that’s a good start), It's a coffee shop and a bike shop. Now, I agree this is not a new concept (Look Mum No Hands opened in 2010 and a few others since), but this coffee/bike-repair/anything-bike-related shop is one of my favourite spots to grab a coffee on-the-go or to stay...

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5 Central London Dog-Friendly Shops

Sometimes it feels like london isn't such a dog friendly city, especially when it comes to doing everyday things such as shopping, but here are a few shops that welcome our best friends as long as they are on their best behaviour, and why wouldn't they be?! Over time I'll let you know about other dog friendly places but here are 5 to start us off...

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Park Do's & Don'ts

Socialising your puppy is vital, and the only place you can really do that effectively is the Dog Park. One hour a week during puppy class is not enough, you have to get out there. I am still coming across cases where the dogs amount of socialisation and exercise is a key factor in moving forward with any behavioural problems they may have.

Ideally, the park would be...

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