Park Do's & Don'ts


Socialising your puppy is vital, and the only place you can really do that effectively is the Dog Park. One hour a week during puppy class is not enough, you have to get out there. I am still coming across cases where the dogs amount of socialisation and exercise is a key factor in moving forward with any behavioural problems they may have.

Ideally, the park would be a fenced in dog pen, so please take your dog off the lead, as he will feel a lot more comfortable meeting his new playmates. If you want to know why, please read my blog - Dog + Ignoring Stress Signals = Potential Aggression - "....And if the dog feels trapped, when on the lead maybe, or cornered, then his or her only option will be to fight....."

Below I have outlined a few Do's & Don'ts for responsible dog park etiquette to ensure a safe and happy time.
Obviously not all parks have a dog area so it may not be as straight forward as this, but I hope this can help if you are a new dog owner without teaching you to suck eggs.


  • Make sure your puppy’s vaccinations are up to date
  • If the dog area is already in use, ask if you can come in 
  • Ask the humans if the dog(s) already in the park are friendly
  • Bring a ball/ toy (even if your puppy doesn’t yet play at home with one) this can help if your dog suddenly decides to play with the other dogs toys, or needs a distraction
  • Look for similar size puppies or dogs as your own
  • Watch the greetings, make sure it is friendly, maybe introduce them to one dog at a time if they are especially nervous
  • Play fighting is a great bonding and learning exercise between dogs, but interrupt if it becomes too rough
  • Give a few treats to your dog for coming back to you every time he does 
  • Watch your dog, not your phone
  • Pick up your pup’s poop (nobody wants a £1000 fine)


  • Just “barge in”
  • Let the dogs “work it out” between themselves when it becomes too rough
  • Ignore people and other dogs
  • Spend too much time on your phone
  • Give treats to other dogs without checking with owners first (they may have allergies, or some owners are just not comfortable with it)
  • Take advice from non-professionals 
  • Pick up your puppy above other dogs in rough situations. Small dogs and puppies have the same behavioural needs as bigger dogs, but help them when size matters 

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