Mothers Day Dog!


Dog things to do this week:

A fun Recall game to play with your dog:

You’ll need at least two humans and one dog for this game; and you can play at home, inside or outside.

Share the dog’s dinner into the amount of humans available ready to have fun.

All humans hide around the house, first human give a few kibbles to the dog, human number 2 calls the dog from his hiding place. Your dog will have to find human number 2 to get a few more kibbles. If you have two humans, keep going back and forth and keep hiding in different places, rooms, make it harder and harder the more you play. If you are more than two, take turns. It’s a great way to get your dog to use his sense of smell, and to work for his dinner. Plus you’ll create a deep bond between your dog and your whole family, big or small.