Dealing With Fear In Dogs

We too often assume that dogs can think and feel as we do, but they don’t. Dogs don’t think Right vs. Wrong, they think Safe vs. Dangerous, and so if something feels unsafe to them (scary), they will defend themselves, try to get that scary thing to move away, or at least move away from the situation......

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Remember remember the 5th Of November (is coming up soon)

I know it’s still only September, but now is a good time to start thinking about how you can help your dog if he is scared of fireworks.

The Do’s:
Allow your dog to find a safe space around your home, if your dog is happy in his crate, that’s a good place to start. If it’s under the sofa, so be it. Dogs like small spaces. Make sure...

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Driving With Dogs

If your dog becomes anxious when traveling by car, he might show signs of stress such as panting, drooling or even vomiting. This is not fun for you, but even less fun for your dog. Very often the first experience a puppy has of a car journey is the day he leaves his mum and littermates; and the second, his first trip to the vet. So is it any wonder he finds stepping into this large noisy thing stressful?...

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Treat, or no treat?

Did you know using food as a reward when training your dog is not only smart, it is “scientifically-proven-smart”? The treat will become the hoped-for-reward that will increase the level of dopamine in your dog’s brain to help him do well with the training ahead.       

Not just in dogs, the human body also creates Dopamine; it’s a neurotransmitter that appears into your system when you are...

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Should I socialise my dog?

We cannot say it enough, socialising your puppy is so Important. Put the effort into it, do it well, and you will have a happy, confidant dog later. Miss your window or do it wrong and your dog could become socially awkward, fearful, and potentially aggressive. Not fun for you? Even less fun for your dog. You owe it to your puppy....

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